Skimo Competitions Cut Short – COVID-19

2019-2020: 13 Races – Transcavello – Andorra

First Races and Competitions 2020

French Championships, World Cup – Aussois, Courchevel Night Vertical


Life with “Laeti”

Skimo Champion and Coach, Laeticia Roux

Home Away From Home

Living in France 2020

Sisters of Skimo Premier

Sisters of Skimo debuted this last week on Wednesday, November 6th at 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco, Colorado. It was a huge success in every aspect.

World Cup Race 2019 – Switzerland

This was my first actual World Cup race and a good learning experience.

i love the mountains

Reflections on 2019 Race Season

I’ve been home for 6 weeks now and only just beginning to digest and unpack what those 3 months of international race travel has taught me.