Trident Seafoods

For as long as I have ever fished, Trident Seafoods has been a part of my family’s fishing legacy. I grew up fishing for Trident, and to this day my dad delivers fish to them.

They put much care and creativity into making some BOMB products in the galley. I trust the quality of their products. As a company, they value community, sustainability, stewardship, and pure, healthy seafood protein.

If you are looking for some creative, delicious seafood products, I’d highly recommend these below. They are some of my all-time favorites, and I have pretty high standards for seafood. 😉

Salmon Bites

These Salmon Bites are so delicious! They have a gourmet flair and presentation. They are perfect for appetizers when hosting.

The Protein Noodle

protein noodle

This is genius! I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about these protein noodles! They are the perfect and creative way to get your protein in each day.

Salmon Burger

Sometimes time does not allow for making the salmon burger yourself. These are deeelicous, as good as homemade, and you can cook right from frozen. These are made with minimal excess ingredients. Alaskan salmon tastes so good; Trident knows not much is needed. 

A Company That Cares

Trident is such an altruistic company and have been a generous sponsor in my Skimo Racing. I’m proud to partner with a company with such great spirit and company culture.

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