Julbo Goggles and Sunglasses

Julbo’s performance eyewear is incomparable. Without the ability to see clearly during a race, my speed and maneuverability is compromised.

I love this brand because it feels like home. When I first joined them, I had the privilege of sitting next to the owner at a dinner and chatting with him about his home town of Switzerland. I learned so much about the business from his vantage point. I felt like I was part of the family.

These are my favorite products. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a competitive edge as a professional athlete.

Aerospace Goggles

These are my favorite goggles. I race, train, and play all day in these. Finally a goggle that can perform just as well on the climb as it can the descent. No more fogging up with the pop out lens vent! Genius! I love these goggles!


These are my favorite sunglasses for competing and training. I love the reactive performance 1-3 lens, navy blue color. I wear them in highlight and low lights and they are what they say—they react fast to the change in light and can be worn in both extremes. These are light on the face and have high breathability. Bottom line is that not only do they look good on, but everything looks so much better with them on.

Shield Sunglasses

These are my favorite sunglasses when I’m on the glacier or out on the water.

Before heading to China to race on Mt Gangshika, I knew I needed something more protective while at 15,000 feet and from all angles. The Shield really protected my eyes at every angle

Adelaide Sunglasses

These are my favorite casual sunglasses. It’s nice to step away from the sporty look sometimes while not compromising fit or comfort and yet still look cute.

I live in these on a daily basis, and they fit my face perfectly. They have a very flattering fit!

Racing Madonna Di Campiglio with the Aerospace Goggles
Racing Madonna Di Campiglio with the Aerospace Goggles

Photos of goggles and glasses from Julbo.com

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