Howard Head

Howard Head Sports Medicine

howard head sports medicine

Howard Head has been a life saver. They stepped in to help me heal and strengthen a tear in my upper hamstring. Because of their expertise and personal care, I was not only able to heal well, but gain a foundational level of strength that enabled me to experience success throughout a very long, competitive season.

Howard Head is truly about relationship. They take a very personal approach to therapy, taking time to talk, and seeking to really listen to their patients. Nathan Degraff was my PT for my recovery journey, and I also worked with Alyssa Wischmeyer.

howard head sports recovery training

Howard Head Performance

As much as Howard Head is focused on building trust in a relationship, they are equally focused on results. They are no fluff, which I greatly appreciate. They are forward-thinking and ahead of the game in their technology and training techniques. They are prevention-minded, and I just trust them wholeheartedly.

Coach Chris Knerl has been working with me for over a year now. I have great peace of mind working with injury prevention team with regards to strength training.

howard head performance coaches

Both Nate and Chris even came out to support me at Nationals. I’m seriously surrounded by the best people here. Feels like family!!  

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