CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment

Since using CAMP gear I can honestly say I have been having a lot more fun in the mountains. I am lighter, more efficient, and thus faster. I am also obsessed with the packs!

norway camp ski raptor pack

The Skin is my go to for non-race touring days. This pack is genius and has all the right pockets in all the right places.

And the Ski Raptor pack is my go-to. It is perfect for day missions and even light overnight pursuits.  It’s super comfortable, and it can shrink as well as pack for the big days or a light overnight missions.

Pockets are exactly where they should be. It is so satisfying knowing someone thought through the functionality with such detail.

The rapid race pack is awesome because it holds everything you need for the races, is light, and sits low enough on your back so you can easily access your crampons or grab the leash and go in to ski carry mode.

It’s an honor to be an ambassador for this brand because it’s re-defined the way I move in the mountains.

Skimo Race Crampon

This is my favorite crampon for racing.

Skin Pack

This is an awesome training day tour pack. It is lightweight and durable with pockets in the perfect locations.

Rapid Race Skimo Pack

This is an amazing race pack. Everything is within reach for race day and sits on my back really well. The ski clip is right where it should be.

Ski Raptor Pack

This is my favorite longer mission pack. I use this even if it’s a shot day and I want to take my big camera out without compromising pack efficiency and lightweightness.


I run cold, and these gloves saved me. Wearing the G-comp warm for racing and training and Hotmit’N’s on those bitter cold days was a life saver. I even raced part of the Mezzalama – the “Great White Marathan” in Italy – in them and was sooo glad to have had these on me. 

Normally I wouldn’t race in these, but because they are so light but still so warm I brought them as back up. CAMP’s Hotmit’N’s saved me during this bitter cold race

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