I am incredibly grateful for all my sponsors that make my Skimo Racing career possible. These sponsors support me professionally through financial contributions, gear, physical therapy, care, supplements, and more.

An Ambassador for My Sponsors

I seek to be the best advocate for my sponsors. I recommend their products or services to other athletes and colleagues. For some, I am asked to speak to their companies or participate in marketing videos and media. I have a large network and following via social media, and so I also do my best to promote my partners regularly online, via social media and this site.

Here are some ways I seek to promote and express gratitude to my sponsors:

  • Wear their branded gear
  • Speak to their organizations
  • Use their products and share with other athletes
  • Participate in photoshoots/videos for their brand
  • Share regular posts on Instagram/Facebook
  • Create promotional give-aways via Instagram to share products from my sponsors
  • Share promotional video stories once a month on social media
  • An International Ambassador with my International Presence
  • Speaker and advocate for women in winter sports

Current Sponsors

My sponsors for the 2018-19 season included:

honey stinger hive sponsored

Seeking sponsors

Please contact me if you are interested in partnering together. I look forward to connecting and exploring this opportunity.

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