Sisters of Skimo Premier

Sisters of Skimo debuted this last week on Wednesday, November 6th at 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco, Colorado. It was a huge success in every aspect. I was humbled and overwhelmed by the support and turnout. I couldn’t have been more pleased or honored to have this story captured of my family – my biological family and my skimo family.

Leading up to the premier, I was pretty nervous. This has been a passion project shared between myself and Howard Head for over a year now. To expose it to my community and now the world was an exciting, but a little nerve-wracking experience. 

The day of the premier reminded me of an evening race (my least favorite time to race because you have all day to think about it). I decided to head over an hour early to get out of my head and be with the rest of the team at the venue.

Once I got to 10 Mile, I felt like my nerves started to subside, and I could envision everything coming together perfectly. People started showing up at 5:30 pm to be sure to get in. A line snaked around in front of the venue, and the crowd flooded in when the doors opened at 6. Friends started messaging me at 6:20 saying they couldn’t get in because it was sold out! I was bummed that some people were not able to attend, but I was excited for the incredible turnout.

It blew our minds. We had an upwards of 500 people show up to this event and had to turn away close to a hundred. We weren’t expecting half that. Somehow we had enough food, and the intimate and beautiful setting of 10 Mile Music Hall made it a cozy experience all around. Having the hour prior to the film was the perfect ice breaker. This gave everyone the chance to mingle, eat, and it was like a reunion. People from Denver and Vail all came. Even my ski coaches from 20 years ago showed up. It was a dream.

The Making of Sisters of Skimo

Ben Gadberry, our film director, was amazing in piecing this story together. I don’t know how he did it, and I don’t envy his job. This was a beast of a project and one with many layers and possible directions. Part of me was nervous as we were still fine-tuning the film until 2 days before the premier!

But Ben is an awesome story teller. It was a refreshing take as he could see things that I couldn’t see and helped me really hone in on the message of this film in a creative way.

My heart and my mission has always been to create sisterhood wherever I am. Bringing women together is something I’ve always aimed to do. I just didn’t realize how hard it would be in sport, especially a new sport like skimo where geographically we are also a lot more spread out. So the part I enjoyed most about this film was getting to share the message of sisterhood and inspire women in sport, and in all walks of life to come together.

The film was beautifully done. It’s very hard to condense a complex story into a very simple, easy-to-understand narrative that is still rich in depth and relatable to more than just the skimo person. The beauty of this film and story is that I think everyone walked away with something they could relate to in it. 

The event was a dream come true. The best part was watching the reactions from the audience – hearing the oooo’s and ahhh’s and laughter was so meaningful to me. I also enjoyed seeing my parents watch it for the first time. They were beaming throughout the whole film! I could just feel their pride and excitement, and that was sweet.

The Future of Sisters of Skimo

Since the premier and even leading up to it, we’ve been contacted by people not just around the country, but around the world. We’ve gotten a ton of interest, so we are working on a tour schedule for the next year. 

We are looking at film festivals and private showings at ski shops, ski resorts, and the like. We hope to spread not only the love of skimo, but use the film to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and the importance of it within competitive sports.

I was running with Grace today, and we had two different women give us a shout out and said they loved the film. It’s heart warming to see how much of a reach this film had in our own community.

I’m a huge fan of Kikkan Randall and credit her to a lot of my inspiration in sport. She is the first medalist and gold medalist in the Olympics for her sport, cross-country. She was a big advocate and influencer of sisterhood and fostering healthy team dynamics amongst women. From not having a women’s team in 2002 to winning the Olympics in 2018….she credits it to the powerhouse team behind her. 

She said, I believe I can be at my best when I help those around me be at their best. That is my heart for women in skimo and those of us on the US National Skimo Team. Our sport is headed for the 2026 Olympics, and so it’s critical that we come together as a team to build one another up and thus strengthen our chances of podium finishes not only there, but also on the world cup circuit.

A Huge Thanks

Thank you all for your incredible support! I was truly overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, and I feel like we have an army of supporters as we head into another season, competing around the world as sisters in skimo.

One Comment on “Sisters of Skimo Premier

  1. Hi sierra,
    I wondered how I may be able to see your film online or in NM. Do you happen to know where I should look/ ask for it? Thank you, and I’m happy this project is here to share with everyone, particularly young women.


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