SKIMOSTATS Highlight on Facebook

SkiMo Stats shared an announcement about the upcoming documentary, Sisters in Skimo, and I shared a little more about the film:

“This is more than just a “ski film”. This is a very personal story about struggle and triumph while following my journey in SkiMo from Alaska to Colorado, and throughout Europe and China in the past year. Ever since I started SkiMo just two years ago I’ve grown a passion and love for the sport that I want to share with others.”

My hope is that this film touches hearts in a positive way (whether they are a SkiMo athlete or not at all, I think it will be relatable to all). I also hope that it builds inclusivity in our tight community by inspiring more women to want to be a part of this incredible sport. And lastly, that this film will be used as a tool to build awareness of what SkiMo actually is in the USA and worldwide.

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