Interview with SkinTrack

I had the honor of being interviewed for SkinTrack’s website, sharing about my journey as an athlete in SkiMo and passion for the sport and the camaraderie among women.

Skin Track offers gear reviews, interviews, skimo training and race/trip reports. Their goal is to inspire and educate athletes about all great things related to self-propelled skiing.

“ was born out of passion for ski mountaineering and ski touring. Over the years, it has become the #1 resource for skimo racing and fast & light ski mountaineering in North America.” Interview

Growing up on a fishing boat in Alaska, Sierra Anderson’s road to World Cup level ski mountaineering racing is an adventurous one, and she still operates her own fishing business in the summers.

Her love for mountains and skiing was always there but falling in love with skimo only a few years ago helped her to find a true passion. Today, she is a strong member of the USA Ski Mountaineering Team and has become involved in the sport beyond what most athletes do.

Her movie “Sisters of Skimo” premiers on November 6 in Frisco, Colorado and dives deep into her personality and value she stands for. You can RSVP for this event on this Facebook page.

A few questions I answer:

  • Where exactly were you born in Alaska? How was growing up there?
  • How did you discover skimo racing? What hooked you and keeps you in?
  • How is skimo different from others sports you’ve competed in?
  • Why do you think more women are not taking up skimo? How could this change and what do you want to do about it?

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