Training in Alaska

Summer 2019 has been a gift to head back to and be able to train around Alaska. It is surreal for me to soak in the unbelievable views of peaks, glaciers, and ocean waves as I train. I try to soak it all in.

I climbed 23K in the past week, which is nothing compared to descending it! It is much better to do this on skis. 😜 I was grateful to have bagged some new peaks, and I even found a friend, Keegan, who was crazier than me to do it with!

Eventually, I had to leave my mountain oasis for boat life. As a 4th generation fisherwoman, my family heads out to sea during the summer months to fish for Wild Alaskan seafood. During this trip, we left from Valdez, and I filled in for my dad’s skiffman.

Growing up between Alaska and Colorado has given me a love for extreme conditions in nature. I am drawn in by the call and challenge to conquer peaks and climb higher. I think this has greatly influenced my natural love of Skimo racing.

“All Good Things Are Wild and Free” – Thoreau

Alaska Training Summer 2019

Staying in Shape on the Boat

It was a little more challenging training while on the boat, but I found creative ways to exercise! Check out my “Skiffercise” video below:

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