World Cup Race 2019 – Switzerland

This was my first actual World Cup race and a good learning experience.

I quickly learned that World Cup races are just as if not more competitive than the World Championships because every woman competing is at the top of the sport.

world cup race disentis switzerland
(Photo by Jesus DYañez).

I finished the Individual race with an 8th place; however, due to an error during the race, I got a 2 minute penalty for my avalanche receiver falling out at a transition. Big no no. When I got in to the race corrall my transiever wasn’t beeping. I took it out to re set it and in my effort to make to the start in time I forgot to zip up my pocket when I put it back in.

Needless to say, it wasn’t my cleanest race, but learning the details is all part of the game. Was in the back but after the first descent I found myself gradually catching up to the front half of the pack. It’s always exciting when you feel like you’re racing the entire length of a sub 2hr length race.

It was also very hot too…almost 60 degrees …polar opposite of temps we get in the Rocky Mountains.

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