Final World Cup Race

skimo italy world cup

Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy

This race as a whole was one of my top highlights from racing in Europe.

I showed up as a Team of One, sort-of like the theme of this trip.

I was quickly “adopted” by team Andorra.

Sprint Race

I had a thrilling time racing the sprint under the lights on the famous World Cup Alpine FIS run at Madonna di Campiglio. I was happy to have had a clean time trial run with smooth transitions. I made it to semi-finals, but very bad transitions left me hanging on for dear life.

You let up for one second here, and you get swallowed alive. It’s actually quite exciting! Despite my goof-ups, I gave it my all and came in 9th overall. Snow or shine, it’s so cool to be here racing with the likes of these incredibly fast, strong women. I am learning A LOT.

Individual Race

I was proud of this fight. Capped off 5 hard days of racing last week (and the final World Cup of the season) with an 8th place finish in the individual race.

I was grateful for the gift to do this, the people who have helped me get here, and all the valuable lessons I am absorbing in this European journey. And I am thankful, too that my skimo family has officially grown!!

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