The Mezzalama


Crevenia, Italy

This is known as “The Great White Marathon.” It was truly a GRAND adventure….and one of the coolest, wildest and longest efforts of my athletic career. It was over 13,000 feet of climbing on glacial terrain, in minus temps over the course of 26 miles. For 7.5 hrs, all the “feels” were felt – from freezing cold to spicy hot!

The race started at 5​ am running through the cobblestone streets of Crevenia in the dark with 900 other racers.

It’s team race of 3 persons racing and climbing 13,000 vertical feet in over 26 miles through glacial terrain. Out of 300 teams, we were top 50 overall, and we were the first North American women’s team to ever compete in this event. ​

This journey as a whole taught me a lot. Not having had much more than 2 team race experiences under me, I really learned about the power of team in this one.

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