The Rosa Ski Raid

Macugnaga, Italy.

Cam going head first. 5 duffel bags. 4 ski bags. 3 men. and me! Tight would be an understatement.

Coming right off the heels of the World Championship race, a few of my teammates and I loaded up my rental car…which just so happened to be both BIG (by Euro standards) and RED. Needless to say, it had American written all over it and this was going to be my wheels for the next couple months. Yikes!

Somehow we managed to make this big car feel really small with all of us loaded in. Immediately following the final day of racing at the World Championships, Rory Kelly, Jon Brown, Cam Smith and myself headed for another adventure. We managed to squeeze all of us in the back while Cam and I scored the front It was a long 3 hours to Macugnaga….a cute little Italian village at the end of a long windy mountainous road to the top.

We arrived just in time to register and pick up our goody bags which included these hot looking Rosa Ski Raid CAMP windbreakers.
Snow! But with this sun baked snow came some scary and variable descents
On the way to the start we were wondering where the snow was
It was very hot but also exciting racing on this glacier! There were not as many women at this race so I took the lead from the start but it was fun to be competitive with some of the guys
The Rosa Ski Raid was my first time breaking tape in Europe and a really cool local race experience at that. Spectators lined up and TV crews were at the finish line interviewing. This was my first taste of local racing in Italy and it was exhilarating.

Before leaving we took the tram up….which was right next to the place we stayed and enjoyed some morning coffee and good views at the Macugnaga ski resort

Before leaving town we caught the tram right next to our AirBnB
Cash and more beer than I knew what to do with!
The guys soaking in the incredible view and planning their retirement

We will be back….

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